H&S Rep training providers

H&S Rep training providers

Training providers and learning opportunities for H&S Reps.

As an H&S Rep, you will need to learn and develop the right skills you need to be able to do your job effectively. Whether you have just been elected as an H&S Rep or you have been in the role for a few years, you are entitled to up to two days paid leave to attend health and safety training every year.

This means that your employer must pay training fees and reasonable costs associated with attending training (for example, any travel costs). The purpose of this page is to provide you with general information and examples about the types of training providers and courses available which may benefit your role as an H& S Rep.

Why do I need to be trained as an H&S Rep?

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA), H&S reps have powers to use functions such as Provisional Improvement Notices (PIN) to cease unsafe work, however you need to be trained to carry out these functions. Under these regulations all H&S Reps must complete initial training to be considered a trained H&S Rep and meet the recognised New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) Unit Standard (US) 29315 for Stage 1 course.

Any unit standards that are completed by H&S Reps at Stage 2 or Stage 3 courses can count as NZQA credits towards tertiary education.

For more information on the list of unit standards, how much each standard is accredited and is required to be taught for the assessment of that workshop under the Occupational Health and Safety Practices. Visit the NZQA website.(external link)

What training is available for H&S Reps?

There are a variety of training providers to choose from who offer HSR training courses. Many offer face to face workshops, online self-paced learning, or a blended approach of online and face to face components.

Before booking yourself on any H& S Rep training courses, always check that the training provider is clear on what compulsory NZQA unit standards are being taught at this workshop and what elective standards may also been selected.

For example, some H&S Rep Stage 2 training providers will cover US17601 and US30265 and whilst others may select to cover US17601, US30265 and US17602. To provide a learning pathway, some providers offer NZ Certificate in Workplace Health and Safety practice, to which these credits may be applied.

Introduction to the role of a H&S Rep

Stage one training is mandatory for H&S Reps. This stage will cover the importance of worker engagement, participation, and representation, basic risk management, purpose and use of the Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) and cease work functions.

  • NZQA Unit Standard   29315– Describe the roles and functions of the Health and Safety Representative

This unit standard must be completed to be able to undertake the role of a H&S Rep as stated in the HASWA Act. Additionally, some providers will offer to teach US 30264 to describe duties, rights, representation, and regulator in terms of NZ health and safety legislation - as part of their stage one training.

NZQA Unit Standards (US) which are generally taught for stage 2 for H&S Reps professional development are:

  • US 30265 - Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role
  • US 17601 - Produce an occupational health and safety incident investigation
  • US 17602* – Apply hazard identification and risk assessment procedures in the workplace

*Please note the NZQA has marked US17602 as an expiring unit standard, however, this standard can still be taught up until the last day for assessments which is 31 December 2021.  

NZQA Unit Standards which are generally taught for stage 3 level for H&S Reps professional development are:

  • US 30266 - Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety culture and practices
  • US 30264 - Describe duties, rights, representation, and regulator in terms of NZ health and safety legislation
  • US 30265 - Apply health and safety risk assessment to a job role
  • US 25042 - Prepare a workplace health and safety improvement plan using data analysis and productivity measures.

Please note: For some Stage 3 workshops training providers may select to provide training that covers only one of the above unit standards. However, some training providers may choose to cover one or more unit standards for their stage 3 workshops. Always make sure that check that the relevant NZQA unit standard you want to complete are covered within that workshop by the provider.

Who provides H&S Rep training?

Check with your agency H&S team or HR team regarding which providers you can use for H&S Rep training (or any Wellbeing, Health and Safety training). Most public sector agencies will use training providers that are listed on the All of Government (AOG) Procurement Panel(external link) but may also have separate contracts with other training providers


Have you completed your level 1&2 training and want to learn more? Or considering transitioning into a H&S role?

Why not check out our Early in Careers Health and Safety Certificate. It's tailored for both new and current H&S practitioners to enhance their professional development and support our H&S Representatives in using the EiC certificate as a pathway into a career in health and safety.

By obtaining a recognised New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) Level 3 Certificate of Achievement, it can be applied to future vocational qualifications like a Level 4 Health and Safety Diploma. This program offers a smooth transition into structured learning to achieve vocational success alongside your full-time job.