Farewell to our 2021/2022 Summer Interns

Farewell to our 2021/2022 Summer Interns

The twelve 2021/22 Summer Health and Safety Interns sat a table

On Friday, 18 February, we said goodbye to our 12 interns which marked the end of their time with one of the 11 different agencies that participated this year. 

Our farewell ceremony is an important part of our programme as it gives our interns the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt over the last three months and formally thank their managers and agencies and the Government Health and Safety Lead to have gained an internship.  

It also provides the interns to showcase each of their specific agency projects they completed within the 14-week internship.  


This year's cohort projects ranged from developing mentally healthy work programmes, hazardous substances guide, deep dive analysis into key critical risks, researching and collating data to developing frameworks into psychosocial harm faced by staff.

The interns also spoke about how the internship programme and working with health, safety, and wellbeing professionals they were able to apply the theory which they have learnt at university into meaningful practice in a workplace environment from their various academic backgrounds. 

This was beautifully summed up in the video below that the interns put together outlining their experiences, produced and edited by the cohort.  It is always sad to say goodbye, but we wish this talented group all the best for their future careers. 


2021/22 Summer Interns Farewell Video