Interns seeking opportunities

Do you have any opportunities in health and safety, HR, policy or similiar? Many of our health and safety summer interns are interested in pursuing ongoing employment in government and/or health and safety.

The Government Health and Safety Summer Intern programme is in its second year. This year there are 20 agencies participating, giving 21 interns the opportunity to experience work in government health and safety. In addition to getting to know the health and safety landscape of their own agencies, the interns have also gained exposure to the diverse range of work across government through field trips and professional development events over the three month programme.

If you have any potential opportunities within your agencies or organisations for our interns we would love to hear from you! You can contact us and we’ll connect you directly with the relevant intern(s).

The bio’s below offer a snapshot of each intern from the last two intakes, including information on their studies, where they’ve interned and some of what they’ve done during the programme. The information also includes current availability and preferred work location.