Mental health at work during COVID-19

COVID-19 has significantly affected how many workers have to work. These changes may increase the risk of harm to the mental health of workers.  When this is paired with feelings of anxiety, fear, or uncertainty about the COVID-19 pandemic, workers may be more at risk of experiencing mental distress while at work.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015, agencies and workers both have a role in ensuring work is mentally healthy, and that mental health (psychosocial) risks are managed effectively throughout this time.

This guide outlines the roles and responsibilities for agencies, managers and workers in managing mental health at work, with some practical examples on how they can work together to do this.

Looking for support and resources for mental health? See page 6 of the guide for links to resources including: link) - Getting Through Together mental health toolkit with practical mental health and wellbeing advice and support during COVID-19
• Melon - app with a health journal, resources and self-awareness tools
• Mentemia - app for individuals to monitor, manage and improve mental wellbeing by setting daily goals and tracking progress
• Staying on Track - e-therapy that teaches practical strategies to cope with the stress and disruption of day-to-day life

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