New Zealand Post gets connected

New Zealand Post has a workforce of over 6,500 people. For Mental Health Awareness Week, NZ Post is launching its “Let’s get connected” programme, to create opportunities for teams to connect on a deeper level.

“Let’s get connected” is one of four programmes being rolled out this year as part of NZ Post’s LIFE campaign. The LIFE campaign (Living it Fully Every Day), consists of: “Let’s get talking” (focusing on mental wellbeing), “Let’s get connected” (social wellbeing), “Let’s get physical” (physical wellbeing), and “Let’s get sorted” (financial wellbeing). LIFE complements NZ Post’s well established SHED program - Safe Home Every Day.

Launched on NZ Post’s internal Yammer page in September, the "Let’s get talking" programme asked people around the business to share stories about a tough time they have gone through and how they overcame it. The stories will be shared (with consent) during MHAW. 

At the same time, a script with prompts for conversation is being developed for leaders to take to their teams to open up dialogue in teams on mental health. These are opportunities for people to get together and talk about the importance of mental health, what works for them, and what support is available. 

For MHAW, NZ Post have taken The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ and divided them up for each day of the week. Every day will focus on something different, but the overarching messages are "let’s get talking" and "let’s get connected".

To bring nature into the workplace, NZ Post will be running a photo competition for all front line staff. Our people are being asked to send in a photo of their delivery rounds or something that brings them joy in their week, and a randomly picked a winner will win a voucher at the end of the week.

At New Zealand Post House, a wellness pod is set up for people to have a quiet spot for mindfulness, the pod has grass, native bird song and relaxing lighting. The space can be booked for self-guided meditation, a chill zone, or a space for people to have some one on one chats about mental health and wellbeing in private. The other space will be NZ Post’s main grandstand room which will be converted into a ‘MHAW Zone’. The walls are whiteboard, so people can leave messages, or stories, words of encouragement, and use the space to have team chats.

If you would like to know more about New Zealand Post’s mental health and wellbeing initiatives contact Nicola Knobel at

For five days during Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 October), the Government Health and Safety Lead is profiling a state sector agency and their plan to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health and wellbeing.

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