Māori Health and Safety

Māori Health and Safety

Haumaru Tāngata Framework

Haumaru Tāngata is a Māori-centered approach that responds to the overrepresentation of Māori within workplace injury and mortality statistics. It
focuses on high-risk sectors and gives a focused space for Māori workers, Māori
businesses and health and safety representatives to design a bespoke framework
to reduce workplace injury and fatalities. This within the context of the fact that
past approaches have not always provided a platform to reduce the rates of
workplace injury and death - particularly for Māori.
The expectation is that Haumaru Tāngata will deliver a Māori centered model
that is meaningful to organisations, businesses, and individuals. A model - that
is effective, culturally responsive, and capable of reducing and preventing the
workplace injuries and fatalities that Māori experience.

Haumaru-Tangata-Framework.pdf [PDF, 2.6 MB]


The Wall Walk

The workshop is not a physical walk; it’s a room-based event, a walk through time and events. The walk invites new or deeper consideration about particular events, and their impact for Māori and for Aotearoa New Zealand.

It is engaging and informative, conducted within a very collaborative and supportive environment.

More info on The Wall Walk® can be found here(external link)