Psychosocial Technical Advisory Group

Dr Zoe Port

Zoe is a Lecturer in the School of Management at Te Kunenga Ki Pūrehuroa Massey University and Co-Director of the Healthy Work Group research team. She has a wealth of knowledge, research experience, and passion for workplace safety, specifically in understanding the impact of psychosocial risks.



Dr Geoff Plimmer

Geoff is a Senior Lecturer at Victoria University Te Herenga Waka and is committed to promoting healthy workplaces where people grow and develop in positive ways. His research is often focused on the public service, and covers topics such as leadership, wellbeing, employee resilience, development and negative workplace behaviours such as workplace bullying and micro-management.

Dr John Fitzgerald

John is the Lead for Mentally Healthy Work at Worksafe New Zealand Mahi Haumaru Aotearoa and a Registered Clinical Psychologist with experience in a range of clinical practice, as an Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at Massey University, and an ongoing commitment towards improving the quality of work across Aotearoa.



Dr Kate Bone

Kate is Manager Wellness (Research and Development) at Kāinga Ora - Homes and Communities. Kate has led research projects in Australia and New Zealand and takes an evidence-based, holistic approach to workplace wellbeing recognising work environments as high-impact places to enhance hauora/wellbeing. Kate’s current role is to lead an evidence-based workplace health and wellbeing strategy for 3,000+ employees at Kāinga Ora.

Clare Bennett

Clare is the Director of Wellness for the New Zealand Defence Force, a Member of the NZ Order of Merit and a Registered Psychologist. She has experience building and promoting an integrated approach within the workplace, as a leader within the New Zealand Defence Force, and changing workplace culture.

Prof Bevan Catley

Bevan is a Professor of Work and Organisation in the School of Management at Massey University Te Kunenga Ki Pūrehuroa. He has expertise in workplace health and safety, particularly in regard to bullying and violence, with an extensive number of publications on the topics.


Kate Milburn

Kate is a registered Organisational Psychologist and the Customer Relationship Lead at Umbrella Wellbeing. She has experience in a range of leadership positions, developing high-performing teams, and supporting businesses to be more proactive in creating mentally healthy workplaces. As an Organisational Psychologist, Kate brings a brings a wealth of experience and expertise on organisational wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, leadership and strategy.

Matthew Leaver

Matthew is Principal Advisor Wellbeing, Engagement and Capability at Manatū Hauora Ministry of Health where he works in the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team. His current focus is engaging with kaimahi to build an organisation-wide, sustainable approach to wellbeing. Matthew has a passion for working with all aspects of wellbeing, as well as experience in organisational and leadership development.


Other key stakeholders

Following technical review by the Psychosocial Technical Advisory Group, the Positive Workplace Cultures programme is then consulted on with a number of key stakeholders to ensure a diverse range of views are incorporated. Our key stakeholder groups include:

  • Papa Pounamu
  • WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Kia Toipoto
  • Maori Health and Safety Association
  • National Action Plan Against Racism
  • Public Service Association
  • Tui Raumata
  • Business Leaders H&S Forum
  • Te Kawa Mataaho
    • Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion
    • Workforce, Employment Relations and Equity
    • Integrity, Ethics and Standards