Career Opportunities (Vacancies)

Career Opportunities (Vacancies)

Health and Safety has become an even stronger focus for government agencies, the demand for H&S practitioners is increasingly growing across the sector. The GHSL can support our member agencies by:

  • Offering free advertising and promotion of public sector, health, safety and wellbeing vacancies using our 2,600 followers on LinkedIn.(external link)
  • Promoting the HASANZ H&S Generalist Career Pathways which enables recruiters and managers to make sure they recruit the best candidates for their roles.
  • Supporting to H&S practitioners via the Individual Career Guide to self assess themselves against the level of competency and core skills needed to be succesful for career progression and development. 
  • Running a Summer internship programme which showcases entry-level H&S roles which can provide gateway opportunities to full time university students and graduates who want to start their career as a health, safety and wellbeing generalist.

Register your details on our Job Seekers Database.

  • Anyone can register their details on our job seeker database. Your details will be kept strictly confidential and on file for upto 12 months. 
    If you are interested in signing up, contact Debbie at and we will contact you directly with any advertised H&S vacancies that you are interested in. 

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