Officer Development Programme

Officer Development Programme


What is in it for you as a Leader?

The purpose of this programme is to build our leaders' understanding of their role and duties as an officer, what that means in practical terms, focussing on assuring the identification and management of critical risks, including psychosocial harm, and developing their capability to differentiate between their required management and governance roles. 

“Despite having spent years working in this space, I found the IoD officer development programme extremely helpful, ensuring my knowledge and skills are up to date. I particularly enjoyed and benefitted from working through practical examples with my colleagues from across government, which opened my eyes to risks and controls that I hadn’t previously considered.”
- Richard Griffiths, Deputy Chief Executive, Ngā Pou o te Taumaru/Minstry of Business, Innovation and Employment



Overview of the Programme

Over the last three years the impact of this programme has been significant with over 200+ chief executives, deputy chief executives, and senior leaders attending this course to uplift health and safety leadership and professional development.

This professional development programme includes nine hours of in person workshops (a customised IoD Advanced Health and Safety course, delivered across four short modules), supplemented by pre-and post-course e-learning modules, reading materials, resources, tools, and case studies.   

All course and resource content has been tailored for the public service, recognising that officers in most central departments and agencies are also senior leaders with dual management responsibilities for health and safety governance and operation managment. 

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Officer Development Modules

The following topics are covered in two half-day sessions. Each topic will be explored with a governance focus but with consideration as to how the topic may be viewed through different lenses (governance, leadership, management) in a public sector environment:  

  • Managing, leading, and governing Health & Safety – an overview of the three roles and perspectives. Includes leadership behaviours and practices. Recap on the scope of PCBU duties. Bringing it to life –practical application i.e. meeting structures, reporting, questions that should be asked, using the three lenses of governance, leadership, and management.
  • Health and Safety risk management. Risk landscape (acute, chronic, and catastrophic), risk assessment methodologies, implementing effective prevention and mitigation controls, controls assurance (three lines of defense), risk tolerance, owning your risk matrix, alignment with Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Overlapping duties and understanding the complexity and challenges of identifying and managing them (particularly thinking about the public sector’s wider role in policy setting, standard setting, system ownership/funding).
  • Monitoring what matters – setting meaningful KPIs, data, insights, reporting and information management systems – this module references the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum guide “Monitoring What Matters”.

Who can attend?

This programme is now considered as essential for all Tier 1 and 2 Senior Leaders, as well as GM’s People & Capability and Tier 3 Leaders wanting to take on more senior roles. 


For all public service agencies who register via the GHSL at a discounted rate of $1,200 + GST per person. 

*Note –A minimum of 18 participants are required to run a course, with a maximum of 24.  In-house options are also available – above minimum and maximums apply.

2023 Cohort Dates 





Module 1 & 2  - Managing, Leading and Governing Health and Safety: and H&S Risk Management

In Person, Wellington

Thursday, 16 August 

 8.30am - 1.00pm 

 Module 3& 4 -
Overlapping Duties and Monitoring What Matters

In Person, Wellington

Thursday, 13 September 

 8.30am - 1.00pm

The preferred option for delivery of these workshops is in person, however, if your agency would like to run an online- inhouse programme please contact us.


Registration and expressions of interest

To find out about future dates and/or register interest in a future course, email with attendee details (Name, Position, Email and Phone details, plus IOD membership details if known). Note that places are limited, and all bookings will remain tentative until confirmed by the GHSL.

GHSL Contact

0800 HS Lead (0800 47 5323)