Strategy & work programme

Strategy & work programme

2024 - 2027 Plan

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The initial GHSL four-year plan concluded at the end of 2023 and so we have developed a new Plan for 2024-2027.

Our primary objective remains to empower competent and capable Chief Executives, Senior Leaders, and health and safety teams to enhance the stewardship of health, safety, and wellbeing (HSW) for the benefit of the public sector and all New Zealanders.



2019 - 2023 Plan

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The GHSL developed the four year plan in 2019. This was developed through significant consultation and sector feedback via an independent review by Deloitte. The plan initiated a more focused approach, with the GHSL transitioning towards more specific priority areas that would create greater benefits and help lift sector and agency performance. 



GHSL Sector Dashboards

Copies of the GHSL Sector Dashboards: