Keeping Yourself Safe - A Guide to Personal Security

A guide on how to keep yourself safe as a public servant.

This guide is intended to provide you with practical steps you can take to protect personal information (such as where you live) from potential threats. It provides some useful guidance on how to go about taking some basic steps to protect your private life from unwanted approaches, particularly from clients who you may work with.

Not all staff will want or need to take all the steps in this guide. It’s about assessing the risk for you and taking what action is proportionate and sensible. This might change from time to time in response to risk or due to the nature of your work at the time. You should also consider seeking advice where necessary.

Some government agencies will have their own guides for the personal safety of staff based on their particular risk profile. This guide is not intended to replace any agency specific guidance.

Serious imminent threats should be managed through your agency’s security policies and procedures and, depending on the seriousness of the issue you may also need to involve the Police.

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