Vehicle registration and registered person name and address

If a vehicle is registered in your name, your name and address details are recorded by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) on the Motor Vehicle Register.

Anyone can apply to get a registered person’s name and address (MR31). However, the personal information NZTA holds on the register is protected by privacy laws. Each application is considered under section 237 of the Land Transport Act 1998 and the criteria contained in the Official Information Act. NZTA must weigh up the public interest in releasing the information sought against the privacy rights of the person concerned.

If you do not want your name and address to be automatically provided you can ‘opt-out’ by requesting NZTA hide your details. This means the release of information needs to be considered on a case by case basis by an NZTA staff member.

There are a number of people or organisations that have a legitimate need to access the Motor Vehicle Register, such as insurers, finance companies and motor vehicle traders. Opting-out could mean it will cost more and take longer to complete transactions with these organisations as they will be required to specifically request this information from NZTA.

You can find information on opting-out at: link)


  • To opt-out you will need your New Zealand driver licence and vehicle plate number(s).
  • NZTA will also automatically withhold details of any person(s) recorded as a joint registered person if the primary registered person opts-out.
  • Opting-out is only available to individuals.
  • If you want to opt back in at a later date, you will need to contact NZTA (see

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