Health and Safety Representative Role Clarity Resource - for H&S Representative

GHSL partnered with previous H&S Rep of the Year finalists, as well as seeking expertise from the Private Sector, PSA and WorkSafe to develop a suite of resources to support both agencies and H&S Reps to understand their role.

We know that H&S Reps play a crucial role in being the worker voice to help ensure that workplaces are safe and healthy. However, we also recognised that the role of an H&S Rep can be complex and challenging, particularly when it comes to understanding and having their role clearly defined and understood. H&S Reps, by nature, are people who are keen to help, interested in people and making things better. So we have created a resource to support both the H&S Rep and the Organisation to start a conversation on what each need from the other to start to navigate through improving safety practices for everyone.

We have both a document version (above) and pamphlet version (below) which you can download.

NOTE: print the pamphlet along short edge doublesided, and fold both sides into the middle with the "He Waka Eke Noa" forward on the front, and orange contact section on the back.