Worker Participation Agreements

In collaboration with MBIE, PSA, NZISM and WorkSafe, we have developed a resource outlining the key principles for developing worker participation agreements (WPAs) to support Worker Engagement, Participation and Representation (WEPR). It outlines the benefits of strong worker participation and provides guidance on the key principles for organisations to consider when developing their processes.

We all know that workers understand “work as done” rather than just “work as imagined”. Worker participation ensures decisions affecting health, safety and wellbeing and the design of work are based on the reality of the work they carry out.

While WEPR typically involves Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committees, any activity that involves seeking input from and addressing the views and concerns of those doing the work is considered worker participation. Establishing a clear understanding among all parties on how this participation is facilitated can significantly improve the overall health, safety, and wellbeing outcomes for organisations.