Positive Workplace Cultures Agency Workbook

A workbook to support agencies in creating positive workplace cultures.

Suggested approach for using the Workbook

The Agency Planning Workbook introduces an organisational change framework and questions to work through to help identify areas of focus for your agency. It allows agencies to also reflect on the existing programmes and initiatives that contribute to a positive workplace culture, building on the Positive & Safe Workplaces Model Standards(external link).

The workbook has four parts: 

  • Part One provides useful context and focuses on embedding the Model Standards.
  • Part Two introduces the framework and each of the eight elements of successful culture change. It includes descriptions and information on what 'great' might look like and allows for discussion and reflection on how well your agency is doing in each area and where you may focus your efforts.
  • Part Three introduces practical ideas and links to additional resources and further reading. Information in this section has been compiled from a range of sources including the model standards, Worksafe NZ guidance on preventing bullying and harassment, World Health Organisation guidance and standards, and with input from subject matter experts, unions and agency representatives
  • Part Four allows for initial planning, focusing on "top five" and other agreed actions.