Overview of Health and Safety Generalist Careers in New Zealand Guide

Overview of Health and Safety Generalist Careers in New Zealand Guide


The health and safety profession is multi-disciplinary, with many different professions working in a wider Health and Safety (H&S) field and those in specialist fields such as Hazardous Substance, Occupational Hygienists and Human Factors/Ergonomics etc.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HS&W) professionals work to promote and protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of people at work. With the role of the health and safety advisor and manager changing significantly over the last few years, moving away from one of solely rule-based regulations, to one where the role can help to enhance the perception and culture of an organisation.

How can this career pathway guide help me?

This guidance is intended to be used by anyone who is interested in the Health and Safety profession and highlights the importance the role health and safety generalists play in any organisation. The guide will provide you an overview on the following:

  • What a career in Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HS&W) could look like.
  • H&S Disciplines at glance v H&S Generalist?
  • The work that a Health and Safety (H&S) Generalist does.
  • What options are available to you if you choose a H&S career.
  • What a ‘good H&S professional look like’ across the different roles in the pathway for career advancement
  • Common routes into the H&S profession.
  • Professional Membership Bodies and Accreditation.

The guides are also to help promote the change in conversation about health and safety roles, attract more qualified professionals into the industry to fill capacity gaps currently we have in the industry, and provide a clear career pathway for health and safety generalists today and for the future.