2022/23 H&S Summer Interns are welcomed aboard!


Ray Smith, Director General, MPI and GHSL Lead addressing the H&S Summer Interns

 Twelve new health and safety interns were officially welcomed on to the Health and Safety Summer Intern Programme on Monday 21st November.

The Government Health and Safety Lead (GHSL) officially welcomed them into the public service and our guest speaker Ray Smith, Director General MPI and GHSL Functional Lead, challenged them to make the most out of every opportunity presented to them during their three month internship.

This is the sixth year of the programme which allows a unique opporunity to provide interns with skills and experience to learn, which will set themselves up for their future careers hopefully in health and safety or as leaders of tomorrow. Our agencies also see the real value in participating in this programme, as this is the second year  Juliette  McCandlish, Manager of RouRou Oranga/ Wellbeing Health and Safety at Department of Internal Affairs has had an intern commenting that,

“Having an intern as part of our team not only provides an opportunity for someone who is looking at health and safety as a potential career option to see what is in involved and the opportunities it can bring, but it also provides an opportunity for the wider team to share their expertise and build mentoring skills in a collaborative learning environment. Helping bring new talent into a growing industry only supports the wellbeing health and safety of everyone. “

In addition to undertaking projects within their agencies, the GHSL organises various development sessions and field trips to expose the interns to what health, safety and wellbeing means across the state sector.

This year's opportunities include meeting the Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Hon Michael Wood, learning about the role of the regulator, gaining an understanding of health and safety basics and how to manage risks, and visits to Corrections HQ and Wellington Zoo - just to name a few!

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page(external link) and website for updates as the programme progresses.