Electrol Roll information

Being enrolled to vote means that your name, address and occupation can be viewed by anyone who looks at the printed electoral rolls. These can be viewed in many places, including most public libraries and PostShops.

If you are concerned that having your details recorded on the printed electoral roll threatens your personal safety, or that of your family, you can ask the Electoral Commission to remove your details from the public roll, and have them included only on the confidential unpublished roll.

To apply to go on the unpublished roll you will need to contact the Electoral Commission by the following means:

The unpublished roll is strictly confidential and can only be accessed by a Registrar of Electors and a small number of other Electoral Commission staff. However, it is important to note that older copies of printed electoral rolls may still be accessible to the public.

You will need to cast a special vote if you enrol on the unpublished roll because your details won’t be included in the printed roll used to issue votes at the voting place in a General Election or by-election. For local council and DHB elections, you will need to contact the electoral officer at your local council to receive a special vote.

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