Deloitte review of the GHSL

In January/February 2019, Deloitte undertook a review of the Government Health and Safety Lead (GHSL). The review confirmed the value that the functional lead has brought to chief executives and their agencies, as well as key stakeholders’ general support for a continuation of the initiative.

The review showed general agreement that a longer-term extension would support the Government’s new Health and Safety at Work Strategy 2018-2028, and achieve a higher level of performance and maturity across agencies.

Several key themes emerged from the review.

  • There is consistent support for the GHSL to continue as H&S maturity in the sector is still viewed as relatively low, but GHSL should have an exit plan.
  • The GHSL focus should progressively move from engagement and delivering outputs to making lasting impact and helping Government to deliver its H&S strategy and lift H&S performance outcomes.
  • There are opportunities to focus on common critical risks (such as mental health and wellbeing), and to engage with the health and safety workforce directly and through others to help embed H&S culture and performance over a longer period.

In February, the Sate Services Commissioner requested that the Government Health & Safety Lead (GHSL) extend through to November 2023, aligning with Ray Smith’s term as Director-General, Ministry for Primary Industries.

Based on the findings from the review and the confirmed extension of the GHSL, the team is now developing its work plan for the next four years. The work plan will focus on longer term strategic objectives that will lift overall sector performance and align with the SafePlus performance framework, address key critical risks and build and strengthen the health and safety workforce.