Staff lead ERO in mental health awareness

The Education Review Office (ERO) has had dedicated staff discussions about mental health and wellbeing during September and early October. A group of seven ERO staff comprising both review officers and corporate specialists attended the Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference at Te Papa in late August.  In the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) members of that group have shared what they learned at five professional learning and development sessions for ERO’s staff up and down the country.

This has been a staff-led, organisation-wide initiative with group sessions attended by organisational leaders including Chief Executive Nicholas Pole.  He will reaffirm his commitment to improving staff wellbeing, safety and security during MHAW and in the months ahead.
ERO is promoting improved mental health with its staff by reference to the Five Ways to Wellbeing Model - Ētahi ara e rima ki te ngākau ora, and the Māori Health Model – Te Whare Tapa Whā.

The "Let nature in" screensaver is being deployed on ERO computer equipment for MHAW. The new pocketbook and mental health resources have been purchased for all staff.

So far there has been a lot of discussion at ERO about the need to raise awareness of work-related mental health issues.  Staff have started to identify risks to individual and collective wellbeing.  They are now talking about ways to strengthen organisational culture and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Staff have had the opportunity to provide feedback about the most important things that ERO as an organisation needs to work on, and to consider what they themselves can do to effect change in the short term.

Staff feedback will inform the development of ERO’s Wellbeing, Safety and Security Plan over the coming months.

If you want to find out more about ERO’s approach please contact ERO Communications Manager,

For five days during Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 October), the Government Health and Safety Lead is profiling a state sector agency and their plan to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental health and wellbeing.

Check out other agencies' plans.(external link)